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We are a small, hard-working company.

Historically, we have specialized in two general areas.

Currently, we concentrate completely on security equipment (and also work on certain other highly specialized security-related projects.) However, we have found that our background/expertise in “other” areas often helps us look at problems in security from a unique and advantageous perspective.

1. Military/Weapons/Security equipment and R&D:
  • Security destruction devices for INFOSEC clients
  • Underwater/Terrestrial explosives location, detection and handling
  • Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) equipment
  • Nuclear materials refining and handling
  • Nuclear materials detection
  • Surveillance devices
  • Intrusion detection devices
  • Intrusion tracking devices
  • Mapping devices
  • Submarine detection devices
  • Acoustical remediation devices for submarines
  • Remotely controlled superconducting magnet control systems
  • Remote land/sea mine detonation devices
2. Scientific Equipment and related R&D:
  • Special and standard research magnets and associated equipment
  • Precision power sources for driving large and small electromagnets
  • Magnetics instrumentation and control systems
  • Control systems for very large geomagnetic field simulations
  • Special controls systems for automated machinery in a broad range of industries
  • Medical devices and surgical instruments in these areas:
    • Orthopedics
    • Neurosurgery
    • Artificial eyes and extremities
    • Urology
    • Artificial hearts
    • Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) instruments and equipment


AML has modern and very well-equipped electronics R&D facilities (including top-grade CAD hardware, software, and expertise) for designing, building, and testing a wide range of mechanical devices and machinery, high-power electronic power supplies, electromagnets, transformers, inductors, and related controls circuits and equipment. We do all final assembly, calibration, and testing on-site.

In general, volume manufacturing of PC boards and specialty mechanical sub-assemblies is contracted out.

We have a well-equipped prototyping machine shop for our own business and for contract R&D requirements. To back this up, we have nurtured extremely close relationships with certain very-high-precision local fabricators, who can generally provide machined parts of extreme precision overnight (literally!).


BASIC AND APPLIED RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, using magnetic, mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, optical, and biomedical technologies. Often our work combines technologies, and the ultimate result of our efforts could be dominated by almost any technology.

ENGINEERING CONSULTING anywhere, anytime, from courtrooms to coal mines. We will be there when you need us.

NEW TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT, partial and complete programs, instruments, systems.


CUSTOM FABRICATION, with complete electronics, machining, fabrication, assembly, and test facilities to serve you.

DEVICE, MACHINE, AND SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT, design, fabrication, installation, and service.


Our contractual efforts are always directed towards keeping the client's interests paramount. This includes sending the client elsewhere, when objective analysis so indicates.


ENGINEERING TAILORED TO YOUR NEED Our clients come to us for very specific services. We deliver exactly what is needed for their particular requirements. Both the cost and the result are known in advance.

PATENTABLE RIGHTS The client retains all patentable rights, if he so chooses. He gets full disclosure of specifications, components, research data, drawings, notes, and vital cost information, as well as expert advice. We will be happy to execute your disclosure and patent rights documents. We can work in total secrecy if required, and can assist your patent counsel with filings.

COMPETITIVE BIDDING POSITION The client is under no obligation to purchase anything beyond the work he contracts for. He is free (and encouraged) to go elsewhere for competitive bids on the developed item. This puts the client in an ideal position to evaluate those bids-- he knows the inside story.

INSTANT EXPERTISE WORKING FOR YOU Perhaps the greatest advantage to you in using Applied Magnetics is that you need not tie up your own engineering resources with problems in unfamiliar areas. We are set up and working with such problems all the time. We are experienced in solving problems economically. While your own people might well become proficient in the subject, is it worth the time and investment to assign them to it?

GUARANTEED RESULTS Our work is guaranteed. If the developed item does not perform to YOUR SATISFACTION as outlined in the specifications or work statement, our fee is refundable. We can make this guarantee because we do excellent work, with which our customers are invariably satisfied. We think that this policy and the attitude that lies behind it give you the most professional and objective evaluation of your problems and requirements.


General Research and Development Projects --- by negotiation. In general, we prefer to do a preliminary evaluation and then to proceed in clearly defined stages, with mutually agreeable cost and time limits at each stage. This keeps everybody aware of project status and prevents unwelcome surprises. Smaller assignments are billed at hourly rates, depending on the services provided. Please CONTACT US for details.

We look forward to hearing from you!